As President of Capital Accounts, LLC, Gregory Nowicki oversees all operational aspects of this national healthcare receivable management company. Brought on board as a turnaround and corporate growth expert, Mr. Nowicki led double-digit revenue and profit margin increases. With more than two decades in leadership roles, he is recognized as an executive with an aptitude for rapidly assessing organizational strengths, identifying opportunities, and acting quickly to develop and execute plans that lead to efficiency, expansion, and stability.

Mr. Nowicki launched his executive career as Chief Operating Officer of Zenith Acquisition Corporation, a 600- employee accounts receivable management company that provided third-party collection services, industry consulting, and debt purchasing. During his decade-long tenure, he instituted processes and procedures that led to a successful restructuring as well as double-digit growth. His ability to leverage technology drove the development of a next-generation payment processing platform that catapulted production 30% in one year. In addition, he instituted a 10-year Legal Outsourcing Program that generated 80% of company revenue from more than 50 outsourced companies, which boosted production levels 28% each of the five years.
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  • Executive Management
  • Business Development
  • Risk Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Reorganizations
  • Multi-Facility Oversight
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership
  • Vendor Management
  • Credit & Analysis


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Capital Accounts, LLC


Executive Challenge: Recruited as turnaround expert to drive profitability and expansion by tapping into organizational potential and new revenue streams. Charged with creating and executing a plan to reduce costs, increase sales/profit margins, boost revenue, and institute a progressive, positive corporate culture.

Profit & Organizational Leadership Results
▪ Exceeded expectations by driving 15.58% sales and 34.78% revenue Revenue Growth
growth in first year―doubling revenue since 2011.

▪ Directed expansion plans by increasing talent pool from 20 to 200 employees and facilities from 1 to 4 over a 2-year period.

▪ Built a strong leadership team of 12, achieving business unit goals through coaching, mentoring, and an open door policy.

▪ Increased margin from 12% to 32%, with goal of 50% by 2018.

▪ Initiated a major culture change program that reduced turnover by ~50%. Developed innovative training and on boarding process that encouraged employee loyalty and success, as well as accountability.

▪ Created products from conception, managing full lifecycle, from developing to delivering projects. Established new revenue streams as key member of company Think Tank.

▪ Managed sale and liquidation of one company and merger/assimilation of an additional operation.

Financial, Compliance, & Legal Oversight
▪ Collaborate with legal team and serve as advisor to maintain full compliance. Stay abreast of complex regulatory guidelines, providing expert guidance on legal aspects of revenue cycle management.

▪ Manage multiple facilities, including tenant relations with a university.

▪ Establish comprehensive KPIs that offer detailed insight into history, current trends, and future goals. Use data to provide a “big picture,” which enables more accurate planning and forecasting.

▪ Charged with financial administration and legal compliance of various businesses under the umbrella of Capital Accounts, LLC―creating and automating processes to improve accuracy and efficiency.

▪ Secured a BBB rating of A+ by driving a change management initiative focused on compliance procedures.

Technology Advancement Leadership
▪ Significantly increased overall company productivity by collaborating with the entire IT team on numerous existing platforms, while also introducing new initiatives from start to finish.

▪ Created dialing software with programmers to move processes from manual to automated systems.

▪ Designed computerized testing program that improved hiring capabilities, skills assessment, and ongoing education, as well as reduced turnover.

Executive Director

Tate & Kirlin Associates


Served as turnaround and subject matter expert by reviewing existing process and providing expert guidance for the company’s Fortune 500 clients.

▪ Drove a strategy for clients that produced revenue growth from 32% to 328% in 90 days.

▪ Increased bottom-line by introducing Tier 1 and Tier 2 Vendor Management, which combined current agreements with short-/long-term financial goals.

▪ Established advanced KPIs that supplied a dashboard of historical data and accurate projections.

▪ Captured new revenue streams by leading software development and innovative products.

Financial Services Consultant



Enhanced profitability as revenue cycle processes expert and advisor on a global level, structuring improvement plans for growth, internal controls, customer care, billing, credit reporting, fraud management, BPO, and IT. Improved performance by 10% in initial 45 days. Evaluated and offered guidance on system integrations, focusing on financial services, retail, manufacturing, and customer service industries.

Chief Operating Officer

Zenith Acquisition Corporation


Led restructuring that resulted in double-digit revenue growth in the mortgage, medical, commercial, retail, consumer loan, automotive, telecommunications, and utility verticals. Created data flow procedures for 50+ outsourced agencies worth $5.5 million in monthly returns. Designed and tailored financial/operating reporting system to meet requirement of 50+ business units.



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Buffalo, NY

State University of New York College at Buffalo


Contact Info

  • Greater Nashville Area
  • gregory.nowicki@gmail.com